Electronic Invoicing: The Electronic Invoicing towards Public Administration starts on June 6th. We are ready! How about you?

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Notary Escrow and Trust Service

THE ESCROW AGREEMENT The escrow agreement is generally defined as a fiduciary contract or, in other words, as an agreement whose object is an “escrow”. This type of contract derives from the ancient Anglo-Saxon law, according to which the normal…

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Dematerialization and Role of the Notary

For centuries, the notary has established his role as qualified witness of the legal proceedings among parties, and as qualified supervisor of archives. The digital world has an extreme need of this qualified figure, even more than the paper world.…


Notary Excerpts from Long Term Preservation

  In order to start fiscal or legal proceedings, when a notary certification is required, companies that decide to adopt long term preservation processes have to employ for electronic documents the same procedures typically followed for paper documents.     Applications…

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eWitnes Italia is a leader company in the data, documents and digital transactions certification. It helps companies to innovate their business processes in order to successfully meet the challenge of the dematerialization of documents, electronic invoicing and legal conservation. In this way, it allows companies to reach remarkable results in terms of efficiency, optimization of the resources and more speed in the market.

Thanks to the combination of Strong Authentication, Virtual Private Network and Digital Signature solutions, eWitness Italia has achieved full integration between management of documents and digitized administrative processes. By doing so, the company has created high quality standards in the creation of operative flows that enable the reduction of time and costs of the business management.

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